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Collage of trunk-like-structures (some of them chemically modulated) at different stages of their development, stained for different proteins. Published in Spektrum, the German language edition of Scientific American. 

Our TLS work was covered by many other news sources, an overview can be found here.


Science slam = an evening of serious science with a touch of comedy! There are two main organisations in Germany, you find them here and here. Jesse has been an active slammer for some years now, winning multiple slams, and hopes to hit the stage again after the corona crisis is over. I highly encourage members of my team to participate in science slams, since it's a fantastic opportunity to learn how to communicate basic science to a broad audience!


“Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.” 
Aaron Swartz

Inspiration can hide in the most unexpected places. In the lab we will have a little library (or "labrary") - a collection of books that inspired members of #teamstembryo in some way. We're always looking for tips to expand the (pretty random) collection!

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