Jesse Veenvliet

Group Leader

Thinker and tinkerer who wants to understand how a mammalian embryo is reproducibly shaped. Likes to solve problems in the lab and in the climbing hall.

When I'm not in the lab, you're likely to find me at home playing with my daughters, discovering new music, reading a book, or climbing in the bouldergym.

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PhD / Postdoc / Technician

We have positions available!

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Seher Ipek Gassaloglu

Research Associate

I'm a former #teamstembryo undergrad, who's intrigued to understand mammalian development and to decipher how cellular processes are regulated to ultimately give rise to a whole organism. Currently, I am wrapping up projects at the MPIMG (Berlin), and helping Jesse to organize setting up the lab at MPI-CBG. Apart from being a science enthusiast, I am a marine animal lover who loves discovering new cuisines, playing ping-pong and roller skating.